For me, inspiration is everywhere!  The purpose of my work is to feed a personal desire to capture an image or emotion by using color and design.  I have been expressing myself through my art for as long as I can remember, and my work tends to reflect energy from music, lyrics, and dynamics among beings, both human and animal.   Everyday exchanges of sight and sound are in abundance, and my objective is to harness and honor their presence.  You’ll find the contents of my portfolio diverse with regard to style, material, and technique; products born from varying places of my heart.

The medium for each composition is decided by the subject matter or theme I seek to address.  My abstract pieces are rich in color and arranged with the fluidity of oils.  Their forms celebrate freedom with effortless movement and balance, while my portraits and trompe l’oeil work are defined strictly by discipline and focus.  In this arena I am driven by precision.  Profound images emerge from the truth of realism and, through suggestions of depth, speak to the sense of touch.  Further, my work in mixed media is assembled from objects of varying textures, producing vivid depictions of a common theme. Emphasis on proportion and spatial relationships yield decorated layers of harmony and rhythm. 

My indulgence in art provides a lasting connection between me, the artist, and my readers.  Interpretations among us may differ, but each project is originated from emotion and human nature.  Aside from motherhood, no other concept is as natural, and as fulfilling as the release of a visual song onto the platform of a canvas.