'At Last I've Found You'
'Portrait of a Friend'
'Pieces of Me'

'Pear in Watercolor'
'The Nation's First'
'Black Dress'

'The Accessorizer'
'Grant's Sky'
'Missing Sebastian'

'After Work'
'Silk Pajamas'
'Looks Like Rain'

'Things To Do Today' (Balloon Theme)
'Things To Do Today' (Heart Theme)
'Trench Coat'
'Unconditionally Yours'

'The Mural at June's'
'Love Story'
'My Sebastian'

'Simply Irresistible'
'Three Bottles'
'Blue Forest'
'Broken Wing'

'Dear David...'
'Fishing Season'
'Untitled Nude'

'With You...Anywhere'
'Art's Specialty'
'Charlie's Pond'

'2004...Cursed no more'
'Maryann's Bouquet'
'The Scream...Replicated'
'Willow Tree Sketch'

'One in a Million'
'The Martinez Home'

'And Party Every Day'

'Kacey Rose'
'Mural 1'
'Mural 2'

'Firmly Rooted II'